A core strength of integrated construction & development is the company’s productive working relationships with project developers. This seamless integration equates to fewer scheduling issues, fewer cost overruns, less wastage, and improved communication. After many years of experience managing the construction phase of diverse developments, we have a keen awareness of the perils and issues that can occur in the field. This accumulated knowledge is applied to each building project to make the construction process as foolproof as possible.

Development Vs. Construction

In essence, development is an entire process that includes the construction phases. In contrast, construction refers to stages of progress when building a structure or any activity that deals with the actual process of erecting the building, including any modifications to the building’s existing spaces.

Since development is a broad term, many sectors refer to something different from what you mean, so understanding it is essential because it could get tricky when dealing with legalities. You need to consult professionals who know and have experience with the nuances of such details. You surround yourself with qualified experts, and you need their advice to avoid costly misinterpretations.