Why study in Australia?

Australia is known for ideal place for international students. Their welcoming and diverse cultural value make it unique and most demanding study destination for international students. International students are able to find a wide range of support services to help them adjust to life in Australia, including English language classes, financial assistance, and cultural orientation programs.

Why choose Australia

According to Times Higher Education 2023, Australia has 37 top universities. And 7 of them are in the prestigious top 100, meaning there is no shortage of choice.
The country is renowned for its innovative vocational and technical education.
 Internship availability
 Australia offers a Temporary Graduate Visa that allows some international students to stay in Australia and continue to work after they have graduated.

GK consultancy brings you some of the world class Universities in Australia like university of New south wales, UTS and Woolongong University and TAFE for vocational and under graduation diploma courses. The high ratio of visa off late makes Australia very popular among the Bangladeshi students. Our provides a-z services from getting admission to securing study Visa to Australia.

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